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Angela Soyen Enconado

Once More with Feeling: How to Write On-Trend and Relevant Content for the Millennial
August 3, 2019 | 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM | Ballroom 2 | ABS-CBN Books

Angela Soyen Enconado, best known for drinking coffee and writing about things. Mid-September Letters is the first book she's ever written but it won't be her last. She already has 3 more novels lined up (categorized under the Fantasy Genre) that will be full of quotes, like the ones in the book and scattered around the pages like Easter eggs. She's loved sunflowers ever since she was a kid because they are so positive, shiny, and grow up to 6 feet tall. Her book is a collection of poetry, quotes and anecdotes about love, depression and finding the real meaning of happiness.